Screencasts for Use with Mathematical REasoning: wRiting and Proof

Dr. Robert Talbert, a colleague of mine at Grand Valley State University, has developed a collection of over 100 screencasts for use with this textbook. These screencasts are an excellent supplement for students to use, especially for those instructors teaching their course with an inverted or flipped classroom model.  Click here to access these screencasts.

LaTeX Resources for Students

Documents for a Portfolio Project

Contact me at if you would like LaTeX files for these documents.


ProofSpace is a web site (click on the link above) designed to facilitate a flipped classroom for an introduction to mathematical proofs course.  It is a digital location for housing video lectures and screencasts, associated quizzes and problem sets, and other material.  Its content is primarily focused on topics to help bridge the theoretical gap between lower-level computation based mathematics courses and upper-level proof-based courses.